Call me Master

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Call me master : A tinder story, did one hundred time.

I’am thirty and did this following things one hundred time before stop... Tindering a beautiful young woman 18-24yo most of the time who have the fantasy to have a master. We never see each other in real. I send her a text with the address of my hotel, and the number of the room. I stick the entry card behind the do not disturb sign. once at the foot of the hotel her excitement rises at the idea of ​​walking into a hotel she does not know and having to search for the room. She knows that behind one of the 200 doors is an unknown man whom she will have to obey. Barely returned, she sees in the twilight a man from behind in a suit, she immediately gets naked in front of the door. Then when she's done she gets on all fours with her back to the man and claps her hands saying "master". there I turn around and discover for the first time a sublime young woman who holds out her ass to me. our first contact will be my tongue licking her buttocks. here is our hello! Exhilarating. then the scenario agreed by text will unfold: slap, walk on a leash, spit, handcuff, tied up with the legs apart, yoni massage, dildo, magic wandée, before ending up enjoying on her beautiful face. then I untie her she says thank you master, hugs me. then leave happy to have finally known the total let go in his life and to have served the master by enslaving himself with full consent. isn't it wonderful to obey? NB There is different versions. Sometimes it’s the girl who wait for me in her flat, door completely open, (could be surprised by neighbours), nude somewhere in her flat or just in front the door in doggy style, back from me. PS In 7 years I have only found submissive and no dominatrix ...