A Sexual Fantasy

— By Mr. Brian

I work in a small IT department with only 4 employees. We’re in a building that’s miles away from our actual headquarters so we have lots of freedom. We have three guys ages 50, 58, and 36(me) and one woman who is 29. For this story I’ll call her apple. I’ve always felt like there was a bit of sexual tension between us, but I never gave it much thought. Over the years we’ve become very close and I consider her to be one of my best friends.

I’m often the last person to leave the office and when I am I take the last 30-40 minutes to masturbate the days stress away in my office. One day after everyone else had left for the day I began to masturbate in my office as usual only this time I’d be caught. Apple had come back to the office because she left her house keys, and my door was wide open. The initial shock caused the fair skinned apple to turn beet red and I was pale as a ghost even though I’m African American. My erection was gone in an instant as I began to apologize fervently. Although she was embarrassed, she reassured me that it was ok. She confessed to doing the exact same thing when she was alone in the office. As I’m starting to pull my pants up she began walking towards me and telling me that she’d often thought of having sex when were alone in the office. She straddled me and we both leaned into each other. Her curvy body against mine and her mouth on my neck brought got me hard almost instantly. We kissed before for a few minutes before she took off her top and dropped to her knees to suck my dick. After a minute or so she got back up and kissed “so I could taste my own pre-cum”. When I finally got her pants off she was dripping wet and I returned the favor. She orgasmed once while I ate her pussy then I pulled her onto my dick. After a few minutes of fucking she came again. This time her pussy was too sensitive to touch so she asked me to fulfill her fetish watching men masturbate. She licked and I masturbated until I came in her mouth, which led to her kissing me again with a mouthful of my cum. After we both got dressed to leave the office and agreed to keep our secret going.