A Sexual Fantasy

— By Freckles

We have a group of friends that get together about once a month to sample each other's new recipes. It's a core group of us and 2 other couples, sometimes others join in who want to share their new food creations; Mostly desserts, but occasionally other courses also. My fantasy is on an occasion when we are hosting the event, our guests arrive and place their samples on the dining table, they begin inquiring where am I. I am in a back room, nude, on a roll out table with my new dessert creation strategically placed on my breasts, thighs and labia. My husband wheels me out on the table and invites our guests to enjoy our offerings. The only condition is that they not use any utensils to enjoy our desserts. Having never done anything like this, they are reluctant at first , but then one couple begins to enjoy the food on my breasts, the man on one and the lady on the other. My husband takes his clothes off and encourages everyone to disrobe to avoid getting food on their clothes. The other couple together begins to enjoy the offering on my vagina. I orgasm several times. The others begin to put their food on their penises, vaginas and breasts and invite me to share them; which I thoroughly enjoy. After all the food is gone and everyone is exhausted. We all go into the shower to clean each other off.