A bout de souffle

A Sexual Fantasy

— By himorie

I have been with my boyfriend for 3 years, we put together at the age of 17 years old. He is my first boyfriend and also my first and only sexual relationship. As I am young, I decided alone, to meet another man, older than me by explaining that I had a boyfriend and I just wanted to have a new experience, sexual only.

He and I first discussed by message and then we met for the first time at home, we settled in his bed, in the dark and then we watched "A bout de souffle" Jean Luc Godard.

For the duration of the film I felt his body touch mine, I felt his scent, I had only one desire, it was to jump on him. There was bound to be some tension between us. And at the end of the film, we kissed, I climbed on him, our sexes rubbing each other. Then we made love, he grabbed at me, kissed me, hugged me and fucked me hard and tenderly all at once. He looks very manly but also very exciting and intriguing. He has a body so different from my boyfriend's, he is tall, thin, slightly muscular, hairy. And I look so small in his arms. That excited me a lot!

After that we stayed for over an hour looking at each other, talking, laughing and then I had to go home to find my boyfriend.

When I got home, I did not feel guilty, to tell you the truth, I was quite happy, I told myself that it was my body that I did what I wanted and that I do not belong to anyone.

Nevertheless I felt guilty to want to see him again directly, to want to feel his perfume and to see again his body.

Then a few weeks later I started dreaming several times that I spoke to my boyfriend. That he was very sad then decided to meet him to see who I slept with in secret.

The meeting is done, then my boyfriend decides that if I want to see him again it will be with him. And there comes a beautiful scene where I make love with my boyfriend and my lover. Taken between the two, covered by their hands, their bodies and their kisses ...