Born Again

A Sexual Fantasy

— By LouisDevon

One day, I got up from my bed, I stood in front of the mirror looking at my body, from top to bottom I knew that I was naked. but I'm very grateful how I was born with the shape of my body. Because three years ago when I was standing as I am now, my whole mind was full of insecurity about my body, I knew that my physique was not as muscular as the man that women desire.Until one day I was idly browsing the internet, I found a dating site. I met a woman who was older than me. I was 19 at the time and he was 41. She is an art teacher. I was shocked and we chatted online and then did a video call. Surprisingly we were connected in that conversation. She said that her husband dumped her often and that was how their marriage ended. I suddenly asked about her sex life. She shared that she had several relationships with young men and it made her feel like she was back in her teens. She asked me to meet and we ended up agreeing on one place. When I saw her straight away my heart skipped a beat because she was so stunning in her red dress. She took me to dinner at a fancy place. We talked for a long time and that's when she asked for a moment, to be her girlfriend. She said she liked me and how she could talk freely about anything even about sex. But my doubts have arisen again that whether I am physically fit for such a charming woman. She said that many burly men have bad character in how to treat women especially their partners. She took me to her fancy house and that's when I knew she wanted to have sex with me. We entered a special room where there was a room with lots of sex toys and tools. She told me to clean up and I rushed to the bathroom. I then came out using only a towel and she was already on her back in her lingerie. She told me to take off my towel and that's when I knew I was naked in front of her. She looked from the ground up.The answer I never thought was she likes my body. She said that to me was the sexiest man she had ever seen. With my thin but smooth body she started kissing my chest down. she told me to shut up and licked from top to bottom. All of that energy suddenly appeared in my mind. It was so delicious and I was drowning in the taste. I wanted more and more and then I grabbed her and we kissed and I started from her forehead, her ears, her shoulders, her breasts to her pussy. I wanted to lick it and realized that this is when I found a sense where I was grateful with my body. We shared the pleasure that night we reached the top of the mountain together hard. That night, I was born again where I didn't try to be someone else. We kept in touch and she introduced me to her friends and they had a community where they used to have sex parties. And I'm so happy that sex can help me find myself again.