Boat Buddies with Benefits

A Sexual Fantasy


Hey, I'm really shy but read about your project in a magazine and thought it was perfect to tell someone what I haven't told to anyone. She made me promise I wouldn't, and my god she was bossy! The thing is I fucked my business partner. We bought an old boat we were going to repair and then rent to tourists and even for film shootings: that's how beautiful the boat looked to us. Of course we were inexperienced and totally crazy.
She had a strong personality and approaching her was not easy. She's not the kind of woman I usually flirt with, and yet I had to admit she was sexy. Maybe it was because we spent so many hours working together in the fucking boat (for very little reward, by the way). And I could feel some interest coming from her, too. But we were partners, and we didn't want to fuck up the business, so it wasn't until the last day that we decided to have sex and it worked out better than I had expected. She was petite, so I could put her on my lap easily, pull her up, put her into a new position and dominate her, somehow. She looked surprised, in a good way. They say the happiest days with a boat are when you buy it and when you sell it... and it is true! Fucking on board is not bad either.