Rocking the Boat

A Sexual Fantasy

— By apilaf26

A fantasy of mine is to go for picnic with a lover in a canoe on a desolate bay of water, which looks as flat and reflective as glass. We eat a loaf of bread one bite at a time - never cutting it, but taking turns smearing cheese / avocado / jam on an edge and tearing it off with our teeth. We share wine out of the bottle and feed one another juicy fruits, with no concern of the sticky drips heading down our chins and to our belly buttons. As the late afternoon sun shines, it gets too hot to wear our clothes so we gradually strip while we eat. After eating, we tidy each other of our spills and smudges by licking one another. We make love in the bottom of the canoe, not caring if distant beach dwellers or passing sailboats see us. We're already sticky with food so the messiness of love making doesn't concern us but rather entertains us. One of us reaches over the side of the boat and wets their hand, then drips the cold water down the other's back - giving shivers but also relief from the heat. Afterwards, we jump in the water to clean ourselves off. Upon reaching the shore after our picnic, a thermos of tea warms us up from the dip and the sun goes down over the water.