Binary Blindfold

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Leila Doe

My husband and I have a more-than-vanilla sex life. He will try anything to excite me sexually; including encouraging me to sleep with others, if I ever felt an attraction. My pleasure means everything to him, but I can’t bring myself to seek out other lovers. My body yearns to explore, but my mind finds a way to talk me out of it every time. I fantasize that one day my husband will restrain me to our bed, blindfold me, and allow an anonymous stranger into the room. Strong hands grip my hips, the tickle of a beard as this man explores my inner thigh with his soft tongue. Then, in a flash, I feel a softer touch... the touch of a woman. She knows intuitively how to pleasure me, rubbing my sensitive nipples in perfect sequence to the gyration of her tongue on my clit. As she brings me to the verge of climax, it’s as if she was never there, replaced once more by a large, muscular man. I feel the strength of him as he thrusts himself inside me. I am at his mercy, but I never feel used. Each stroke reaches new depths, in perfect rhythm with the throbbing in my vagina. We climax in unison and suddenly he is gone. I lay prone, blindfolded, shuddering in a puddle of my own pleasure. My husband kisses my head and I tells me he is proud of me. In his arms, I feel safe. My happiness is his aphrodisiac.