Bisexual For the First Time

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Mo8

I just want to do it I decided, and I’m getting impatient with finding a couple who want a third person in their bed, so I am thinking I should just go for only male hunt, what is it that makes me really want it bad? It’s desire to finger that guy anus and lick it as I lick my partner pussy, it’s what I think about the most, when I finger her pussy I now imagine it as his anus, when I go deep inside her I imagine that’s it’s his anus, I know but I can’t help it! But it’s not only this, I love my anus too, I take really good care of, she is not really into it so I just want to tell her fine, can I get him to just be there for my anus, he will take care of it, finger it the way I want it to be fingered, and who knows maybe I’m going to sit on his cock or get him from behind me, and I won’t stop giving you pleasure I promise. But I also know that I will probably wanna suck his first, always wanted to know how it feels.