The bigger the challenge, the greater the reward

A Sexual Fantasy

— By TheHount

Simple Setup but always incredible sexy.

One Partner chooses something he really likes but the other one is not so fond of or not too good at. Every time he or she gets better at it or does a good job, he or she may choose something he or she really likes and the other is going to do that as a reward. The idea is that one does the first thing all by him- or herself in order to get the second thing, the thing he or she really wants. But only if he or she pushes himself (enough) he or she is rewarded.

So in my case it would be deep throat. I would ask my girl to suck my dick and to get it in as deep as she can. Every time my girl achieves a new depth, every time she really pushes herself, struggles, gags and works hard to please me, I would then reward her with her favourite position afterwards. Mind you I don't push her at all, my hands don't do anything. She has to do it herself, only then theres going to be a reward.

The level of intensity can easily be varied here, roles can be switched, and the idea of making someone do something he doesn't really likes in order to then get something he really likes, for me, never gets old.