Bicycle Riding Love

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Vaie0324

Martha and I are two young friends. We are both passionate about cycling. We have always been only friends: When we meet we just shake hands and give kisses on the cheek, very chastely.

But, in fact, I have been very in love with her since we were teenagers.

After yet another bike tour, she invites me to dinner at her apartment. I accept. She takes a shower. She realizes she has forgotten her bath towel and asks me for one (I find myself getting a little excited). I take my clothes off and enter the bathroom. She slightly moves the shower curtain, sticking out her arm to take the towel, but I suddenly open the curtain wide and enter.

She gets scared and covers her private parts with her hands. I tenderly embraces her, apologize, and admit to being in love with her since our first bicycle ride together, and that I could not wait to experience a moment like that. She smiles at me, and asks me: "Really?"

We kiss passionately. Under the hot water from the shower we are touching, kissing and petting. Then we move into the bedroom, where we make love with great transportation.