A Sexual Fantasy

— By Anonymous

First, I would like to thank you so much for your short films! It's the most beautiful porns i've ever seen! Everything is so sensual, well-filmed, well act by your performers (male and female, Special mention to Parker Marx and the movies where he is, he makes me melt) so aesthetic, funny sometimes! It's simply brilliant and awes

My name is Vincent and i'm mostly gay but still, these hetero coïts turn me on and even when i'm not horny, i'm delighted to watch them because one more time they are so well done (stories, lights, shots, frames, costumes and so on...)!


My question would be: Why are there not more gay or bisexual stories with anal penetration (on male or/and female) with facial ejaculations filmed with your talent and gifts?

So my story would be: 2 boys and a girl are on a bike tour in the countryside or even better at the seaside. It's a couple and the girl has a very good friend who is gay. he's very attracted to her boyfriend and she knows it but her boyfriend does not. By chance, they arrive on a nudist beach and take a lot of pleasure in tanning and swimming naked. As they are relaxing in the sun, the mood starts to get erotic. The girl's boyfriend accepts totally that the gay guy takes care of his girlfriend. He gets even more horny and suddenly wants to have sex with her gayfriend to thank him. While the gay guy is licking the girl's pussy, he's being fucked by the boy ( I know you could film this sooo well ;-)). And at the end, both of them could get a facial and share the sperm by kissing each other.

The sexuality of human beings is not gay, hetero or bi but as soon as we can get pleasure from our body and mostly as soon as we let go in our mind everything in matter of sexuality is possible and great!