Better now, love?

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Forrest Nymphe

Each time we speak of fantasies, we use words like wild and thrilling, as if the only way we can possibility enjoy sex is if it is exciting. We sometimes forget how erotic security, trust and honesty can be. I see sex as therapeutic, a way for me to decompress. Porn inevitably fails to convey that with the lack of context and loud nasal moaning.

At least for myself, I seem to notice a pattern with my body and my soul. I value friendships a lot more when times are hard, say exam season. Many times, my boyfriend stays up through the night just so that he can call me at 3:00am and motivate me to finish the syllabus when I feel like breaking down and crying in exhaustion. I was immensely grateful and a fantasy incited in me.

I picture a situation where I have my own company, and it's and extremely pressure-some time, and I don't only have to work my ass off, I have to motivate a hundred others to do the same and take responsibility for their stress. So I come home tired to the bone, and my husband smiles at me and playfully says "You look like shit!". Then he proceeds to mess up my hair and says "Don't work so hard, you're gonna get sick this way." His hand comes down to my neck and he starts giving me this relaxing shoulder massage, as I snuggle closer to him, taking the comfort of his breath. He puts one an arm around me and scoops my legs onto his lap and gently squeezes my knees. Then he gives me this wonderful foot massage. He then starts kissing my feed, throwing playful little glances at me and then starts moving upward, kissing the insides of my calves and thighs. Then he swiftly takes of my panties and starts kissing me and licking me until I scream in pleasure. With his fingers still inside me, he looks up and says to me "Do you feel better now, love?"

I just pull him up, kiss him and take him in. When we're done, I wrap my legs around him, bury my face in the creek of his neck and fall asleep under a heavy blanket until I can feel him tugging on me saying "Biryani has arrived. You don't want to starve yourself, do you?"