Best thing I never had

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Dreamer

I'm a 23 year old university student. To me and everyone else around me it is surprising I still haven't been sexually involved with a guy (i'm a heterosexual female). I also don't watch porn or masturbate. For the longest time it never affected or bothered me but as of fairly recently I've been having A LOT of erotic dreams. Almost every night actually. The crazy part is I almost never remember my dreams in the morning... unless it is an erotic one. I wake up to a warm feeling running through my body. It's like I can almost feel it going inside... yet I haven't even felt it before. I think it has something to do with a crush I have on this guy that lives in my building- but he has a girlfriend. So although I can't be with him I can always dream about him. I have the most vivid imagination. I picture every detail, even down to the music playing in the background, which is either liquor (by Chris Brown) or skin (by Rihanna). The completely dark room with just dozens of candles lit all around. The hot bath running in the bathroom. I'm pretty traditional so everything happening is pretty much on or near the bed. I'm moaning so loud that the neighbours can probably hear me. My mouth is just making this huge O and I can't seem to stop myself. The body contact is electric and the eye contact is OUT OF THIS WORLD.