The best man

A Sexual Fantasy

— By kuskuskus

Spain. Nearly summer. I was at a wedding in a beautiful modern beach house overlooking the sea.
It was already late and the guests were beginning to leave. It had been one of those days where the air was full of the scent of the blooming bougainvilleas and the chatter of happy people.
I was feeling a bit tired and was lightheaded because of the champagne so I decided to climb down the rocky path to the beach. It was dark and the rocks were slippery. All I could hear was the sound of the waves. All I could see was the house up the hill, radiant like a lighthouse.
I sat down and listened to the soothing sound of the sea. This was what I needed after a long day.
I heard footsteps in the distance, there was someone else coming down the path. It was the best man. He was tall, handsome, in his late twenties and single. He had that boyish look which makes women sigh and lick their lips. He sat next to me and was silent. We watched the rolling tide for a while until he whispered: "I have fancied you for a long time". A shiver ran down my spine.
He started kissing my neck, shoulders and hands, gently undressed me and touched my thighs and pussy. I gasped and moaned while he moved up to my breasts. He still had his suit on. I unbuttoned his fly and sucked his throbbing cock. He smiled and looked at me with a look that revealed this would be a one-off. He pulled me to my feet, pushed me against a large rock and fucked me from behind. I stroked his cock and my clit and had the best orgasm, the waves masking my moans. Flipping me over, he pushed me to my knees and put his cock in my mouth. His cum tasted sweet.
He buttoned up, readjusted his tie and thanked me. I watched him go back to the house and joined the party some time later. I winked at him when I saw that my dress still had some sand on it. Because you see... I was the bride.