Berlin morning traffic

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Linnea

This morning in the s-bahn something unexpected happened. A young man, with red hair and beard came to stand beside me. I was writing something in my calendar, so I did not notice him for a while. But then he turned to me and gave me a piece of paper. I read: "It’s a nice atmosphere around you and you look so pretty. To which station are you heading?" I looked up and smiled and we started talking a bit. It felt comfortable. He stayed with me although he should have left 3 stations earlier than me. He was a bit touchy, but very charming and polite. When we got off at my station where I had to change we said good-bye to each other and we hugged. Then he just gave me a sweet little kiss. I was so confused, I just turned around and walked straight into the next s-bahn. Now I can’t stop imagining what we could have done if I just stayed. I see us having quick sex in one of station’s lonely exits…