Bellies Together

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Big-Belly Gia

I love to have my belly rubbed and jiggled, by me or a lover. I'm a fat woman, weighing 260 pounds and only 5'1" tall, and for me getting off always starts with some belly love. I push the waistband of my jeans to squish my lower belly which makes the upper belly stick out more. I rub that big round fat blob then push the waistband down so my whole fat stomach spills out, and continue to rub my fat with one hand and my clit with the other. So this is what I really do, but my fantasy is that I'm with another fat woman that I meet in a public bathroom at a club. She's pretty with pouty lips and is wearing a tight, sexy dress that shows off her big gut, which has a deep belly button. She looks at herself in the mirror, from the side, running her hand over her ample and soft midsection. I tell her she looks good and that her belly is so sexy. My breath gets faster and I rub my own belly, mimicking her, pushing my shirt up. I take a step closer, feeling nervous but aroused, and continue rubbing my stomach while making eye contact. She stares back and reaches out a hand, placing it on my upper belly, sending a jolt between my legs. Panting, I push down my waistband revealing the huge, soft mound below, which she begins to knead. Her dress has buttons down the front and I undo the middle ones so only her bare stomach is revealed. Unlike my double belly her's is one big, round mass with the deep belly button like a crater in the center. I throb. I've never been with a woman before, let alone a gorgeous fat goddess with a belly fetish, and the rush is incredible. We play with each other's fat, reveling in all the soft, jiggly flesh in the low light of the bathroom. She's leaning against the wall and I push my bare stomach against her's, both of us gyrating and grinding and and desperate for more contact. The feeling of all that bouncy fat rubbing together has me hotter than I've ever been. I wrap my arms around her and spin us so I'm against the wall. I put her hand on my lower belly and encourage her fingers to knead deeply, sinking into my flesh. "harder," I whisper. "harder!" I groan. She obliges, even putting some weight into it. I almost can't stand it. I grab her hand and pull her towards the door. She grins, clutches the sides of her dress together in a vain attempt to hide her stomach. Mine is out in full glory and I don't care. We take the back door out of the club and to my car, an SUV. I fold seats fold back flat, hurrying. We climb in and she's on top of me, rocking, riding the waves of my fat. I spread my legs wide and she slides lower, so her stomach rests on my pussy. I gyrate into her softness and have a gentle, soft orgasm. We roll on our sides. She begins to finger me as I rub my own fat, then I slip my hand between her legs and find her dripping, and we bring each other to, breathless, intense, body-shaking orgasm. We lay on our sides and gaze into each other eyes, and smile as we each catch our breath.