Stunning still orgy of mine

A Sexual Fantasy

— By derzweite

​I enter a hotel bar. Around 20 people are there - all female. I take a drink and look at the women around me.

Suddenly the ambience changes to something magic. All the women stop talking, keep their current positions. They seem to wait for something. Do they wait for me to act?

I take a closer look to each of them. What a variety! Huge bodies, small bodies, well-conditioned or feminine curves. Breasts in all sizes and forms. Different clothes, different hairstyles.

Suddenly I understand. They are all here to be at my disposal. Patiently, willingly, silently. They are like chess pieces I can act with. I get up from my chair.

Like being a wizard they follow my gestures and my touches. My finger touches a décolletage: she will open it a bit wider for me. My hand opens a trouser button: she will undress it. My hand at her legs: she will spread them for me.

As I'd do with chess pieces I change their positions in the room. I explore their bodies and enjoy the varieties. Hard or soft breasts. Cold or warm skin. Different flavours. Long and hard nipples. Salty taste. Provocating or shy expression in their eyes. The provocating expressions tempt to fight for dominance. The shy expression tempt to enjoy my dominance further, deeper.

Step by step I let them undress. Some of them not completely: maybe I love it more to see her in a transparent dress. Or she leans on the wall and lift up her skirt for me, exposing her pussy. I place them in different positions. A lady with big and heavy breasts may lift them with her own hands and expose them for me. I let them sit, knee or lie down. Single persons, pairs or groups. I let one suck the nipples of another. I put one's hand on another's pussy. My fingers explore, play, change positions... I create a Still Life, a work of art, and I love it!

I boost their lust. I want to see them horny, each, then take another drink and enjoy.

And I wonder if all will switch back to "normal" as soon as I snap my fingers...