How I Became A Daddy Dom

A Sexual Fantasy

— By shepajs77

I never knew I wanted to be a Daddy Dom until it happened. It was with My first little girl, Amanda. We had been dating and having VERY experimental sex---uninhibited, open, playful, dark, serious, fun, silly, intense, relaxed...all those things in a given moment. I had always known that I have a dominant personality and it would come out naturally in our sexual play as well as in our relationship as a whole.

Not in a domineering, sadistic way, but in an instructive, guiding, compassionate way.

One evening, during a bout of particularly...aggressive sexual play, I was behind her as her head was down on the bed, her knees up under her hips with her behind high in the air, arms bound at the wrists behind her....

As we were driving toward the climax, she slipped into a voice I had never heard before in the previous 8 months...a high girlish voice that started calling Me Papa. Over and over again, she was begging, celebrating, needing, wanting, desiring Me to be Papa and to bring her to completion.

It drove Me mad--in the best of ways. I did as she begged, I went faster, harder, deeper, pounding, pulling her hair, laying my hands down hard upon her lovely round rump.

Collapsing, satiated and exhausted, I gathered her up into My arms as she began to weep slightly....

She was embarrassed and scared at what I would think of her and of what happened. It broke My heart in such good ways. I held her and we talked all night about this deepest and darkest of desires she have a Papa Dom in all aspects of her life. It was wonderful for both of us.

That was nearly 15 years ago. She was 20 and I was 24. From then on, I was that Man for her. She she that girl for Me.

We were together for another 3 years until the circumstances of life took her away from NYC and we separated as friends and are friends to this day but I will always hold up any new playmate against My time with her.