Beautiful Eyes Attracted Me Towards Her

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Sudheer

I went to a hotel for a business meeting, after finishing the meeting I was about to leave and my eyes suddenly shifted towards one a beautiful lady who was enjoying her drinks alone. She looked at me and we greeted each other with our eyes. Her eyes are so beautiful and attractive which will attract everyone. I went to her and we introduced ourselves to each other. We had a nice conversation and we exchanged numbers and ended our conversations and left the hotel. We both know that we will meet again soon and have a wonderful moment. I was getting ready to office and while having breakfast I got text from her, she invited me for lunch on same day. I took leave from the office and went to her home. We started our lunch and discussed more about ourselves and I know she started liking me more. I was continuously looking at her eyes and she also started looking at me and slowly we move close to each other and we can hear our breath getting heavy and she has nice fragrance, and we begin to kiss, she hold my face tightly and during kiss we tasted each other tongue and exchanged our saliva, I slowly moved toward her neck and started licking her neck and she started moaning and started kissing my neck too. We moved to nearby couch and she sat on my lap and we were passionately kissing each other, in between this we started undress and she was wearing black color inner and i was also wearing the black color boxers, we laughed by looking each other’s in same color inner. She came on top of me and started licking my neck, and my bare chest at the same time I was enjoying the feel of her breath on my chest and stomach. Took off my underwear and started licking my penis and took it in her mouth. The warmth in her mouth made me feel like I was in heaven. After that beautiful moment, I held her face and brought her towards my face and kissed her and told that it's my turn now and I started slowly running my fingers on her back. She started shivering and moaning, I unhooked her bra and massaged her boobs gently and slowly licked her nipples, and she tightly held my hair and forced my face towards her boobs. I went further down and licked and kissed her waist curve and navel, and opened her panty and saw her cleanly shaved pussy. I kissed and licked both of her thighs, and tasted her pussy. Her moan was getting louder and the fragrance from her pussy was making me mad, she pulled my face towards her pussy tightly and I tasted the liquid dripping from her pussy. I went to top of her and kissed her lips and inserted my penis in her pussy. My penis felt so hot inside her pussy and she was biting my neck. All these things made me mad. On the same couch we tried different positions we know. I was about to cum and she told me to cum on her boobs. I splashed the huge load on her boobs, she was shocked and told me that my cum is so hot she felt it good and we collapsed on the couch and hugged each other and slept.