Beach, book and naked

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Conil

A couple of years ago we arrived at the beach especially early. Except for a woman who was walking along the sobre, the rest of Playa del Barronal located in the Natural Park of Cabo de Gata (Almeria), was at our disposal. We are sheltered by the recognizable volcanic rocks on its left end in order to enjoy the sun and natural shade as we please. The waves had respected a small tongue of land about 4 meters wide and we put our things there. My wife took off all her clothes and after her first bath of the day, she told me she was going to read for a while while she finished drying herself naked in the sun. I preferred to start the day taking a walk with the seawater reaching up to my knees. Turning around, I observed my wife, lying on her back, her favorite book resting on her naked torso and held with one hand, and the other, to my surprise, visibly placed on her vulva... I move closer because I am not wearing my glasses and therefore I am afraid of confusing the situation. Sure enough, I make out the movement of her fingers, making their way between her lips, touching her clitoris. I approach her and without asking, she tells me that she is very horny and very comfortable and that she is going to masturbate until the end. His statement leaves me immobile for a few seconds. I looked up and several bathers already occupy part of the beach and some more are coming through the access road. I move around her clumsily because of the sudden excitement of seeing my wife playing with her pussy, on her back and with people who, even though they were far away from us, could sense that something interesting was happening. I manage to grab the camera and take the opportunity to take nervous photos. My wife continues with her work and her face reflects more and more curiosity and pleasure. My cock drips excitedly on the sand.. we both look at the people enjoying the beach and her body shudders arched as she feels a tremendous orgasm manifested in breathy moans It is the only time she has had such an experience, she tells me, adding that it has been wonderful. My wife explained to me that first she felt very comfortable with the breeze running through her naked body, the drops of the sea running on her skin, the relaxation of reading one of her favorite authors, the noise of the sea... and that without Some predimitation felt the need to enjoy how he did it without caring about anything else.....