their #1 barista

A Sexual Fantasy

— By elixirfield

There is this couple that comes into the coffee shop where I work at every morning. They always order two 8 oz lattes, one with vanilla. I literally start shaking every time they come in. They turn me on so intensely. I steam the milk to their lattes as I fantasize about fucking them...

They invite me over to their house to listen to records. The guy and I start making out instantly, as his wife begins to remove all of my clothes. She is behind me, kissing my neck, my shoulders, my back. I get down on my knees so I can suck on his cock.

He takes both of us by our hands and walks us to their bedroom. They make me lay down so they can both eat my pussy as I moan in deep ecstatic bliss.

We take turns pleasuring one another all night and then fall asleep. My alarm goes off only a few hours later because I have to open the coffee shop.

Later that morning, they come in for their morning lattes and I vibrate in ecstasy as I steam their milk.