Barcelona with Eve

A Sexual Fantasy

— By dinosaur

Ever since I got on that train, I felt really excited. An unknown feeling had pushed me to take this train - not sure why I was doing this ! I had the feeling of an imperious necessity.

Barcelona ! I was finally going to feel the summer, the heat, and the powerful energy of the city. Once there, I would directly go to the city center, where tourists and catalans meet. I would try to reconnect with the Medditeranean atmosphere on the terrace of the first bar, and perhaps get a little drunk, just to be more natural and embrace the present.

As I was lost in thought, with the birth of a smile on the corner of my lips, I suddenly realized that I was not alone in the train compartment. The other passenger seated in front of me - a tall, black-haired Spanish woman, seemed to be watching me. When our eyes first met, it was like a shock. I immediately had this strange feeling that she was someone I already knew. Not the feeling that we had met a couple of months before - a deeper feeling of being connected, from another time, in another world. We were both sitting across from each other, not saying anything, staring into each other's eyes, as if we both knew.

I started to dive into her big green eyes like it was the ocean - remembering how we made love over and over in past lives and how intimately connected we were. And she was also looking very deep into my eyes - inside of me - as if she could see everything. Our minds and bodies merged as if we were communicating telepathically – and we were reconnecting!

Images from the past flashed into our minds – passionate kisses – feverish caresses – hands running all over our body – rippling hips – biting lips – tense bodies – hungry mouths - erected breast and penis - grunting and breathless voices – and multiple explosions of pleasure - tremors and body chills.

Time had stopped. It was as if nothing else had ever existed. It was all an unbroken succession of images of us making love in all countries, all the time.

When the train finally stopped and the conductor announced "Barcelona, Terminus”, it was as if we had literally made love for hours, leading to multiple orgasms, without interruption.

I got up to help her grab her suitcase, took her hand in mine and followed her through the whirlwind of life.