Bang Bang, my baby shot me down

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Golkonda

Last summer I was at water-gun party on the terrace of a cafe bar. Cocktails ran through everyone's veins and water soaked the half naked bodies of boys and girls. The battle was like preparation for an orgy. At one point, I received a message on my phone that she is home alone with no kids or husband at home. Right away I went to my car and drove to her place.


Surprised, she welcomed me loosely dressed. I wanted to be quick. My wetness mixed with hers.


Everything happened on the floor. As we rolled around, we changed positions every few minutes, fucking wildly. Her nails sank into the carpet and my wet t-shirt. I pulled my water gun and aimed splashing shots onto her waiting lips.


I left her lying on the floor, as I ran and laughed under the city lights.