A Sexual Fantasy

— By Footfet

The story begins in my backyard, where I am barbecuing to delight my friends and ensure a great time for everyone. My girlfriend is also present, adding to the enjoyment. Amidst the cheerful atmosphere, a friend of hers begins to cast glances at me, seemingly with a new perspective.

While I have often daydreamed about her, it has never gone beyond the realm of imagination until now. Remarkably, it appears that my daydreams are becoming reality. I excuse myself and slip into the house, entering a small room, where I wait in anticipation, questioning whether this is merely a product of my fantasies.

Suddenly, the door swings open, and there she stands, hand in hand with my girlfriend. The air is charged with an unexpected tension, and the room feels smaller, stifling even. The gaze she fixes on me is a mix of emotions, and the realization hits me like a tidal wave — the fantasy has collided with reality. What unfolds next, I leave to the realms of your imagination.