Backstage Sex

A Sexual Fantasy

— By e.p.

I haven't seem him in months. We both work in the music industry and it's a hard job; touring life is exhausting. He's not the typical alpha-male but I find him incredibly charming. He's not very tall, but he has beautiful, velvet, brown eyes. I haven't stopped thinking about his body since the first time we kissed. We are both in a relationship but we have had occasional sex before and every time has been pure magic. One night for the show, I was dressed in a very tight white dress with no underwear. I knew my tattoos and my piercings were visible but I didn't mind. When we met during the show, we embraced each other and started talking as good colleagues, but after a minute, his hand was on my butt. Then, everything happed very fast. We entered the backstage, closed the door, and continued to kiss. His hands were everywhere on my body. I stopped thinking about work, business, things to do; I just want him inside me. We had sex on the table and I came, then I make him come with my mouth. It was... easy, and perfect, and exciting. I still can't stop thinking about him.