A Sexual Fantasy

— By Noëlle

I was 22-23 years old. I was backpacking through Colombia with a friend. We arrived late in a hostel in Medellin. We would spend the night in a mixed room in a hostel in the city centre. When we arrived with our backpacks in the shared room, some guys and a girl were getting ready. One guy asked if we would join the pub crawl. My friend was super tired, but I slept the whole route so I still had energy inside me. We said maybe we would join later. Everyone went upstairs to get dinner. We unloaded our bags and followed a bit afterwards. We had some drinks on the rooftop bar of the hostel. The hostel was located in the center of the city, in a valley surrounded with mountains. The mountains had lights from some houses. It was a magical view. Then we joined the group for the pub crawl. However we weren't really in the mood to join a group and to be drinking all night. The two guys from our room asked if we wish to have some drinks with them. We said yes. We ordered sangria, which turned out to be a big can of strong sangria. We drank, we laughed, we talked. The two guys were Australian. They had a sexy accent, however I couldn't understand them completely. My friend felt more and more tired from the whole day of travelling so she ordered a taxi and went home. I was getting more and more tipsy and in the mood. The two guys said they know a secret underground bar. When we almost finished the sangria we walked some streets. One guy was a bit protective of me, he stopped me before I would cross a street since a car was coming with speed, then he took my hand and turned into my protector. We crossed some crowded streets. People didn't wear much. They danced, drunk and laughed in the streets. Then we stopped before a closed door. It looked like nothing was inside. The guys opened it and there was a secret rave in the basement. We danced on techno music and went wild. The guy and I were dancing more and more sexual. It was all dark so no one could see us really, at least that's what we think. At that point the other guy must have left. We were getting so horny. Our bodies moving and dancing to each other. Then we went out to go and sleep. He took a cap and we drove to a fancy hotel. A red carpet lied out and butlers were welcoming us. He asked if they still had a room left. I asked if it was not to expensive. He said that I didn't had to worry. Unfortunately there was no room available. He said fuck what can we do know. We slept on a mixed room, so that was not ideal. Then I said we could go on the rooftop of the hostel. His eyes started to sparkle and he said 'yes'. We went to the rooftop. He put me on an empty barrel, took out my shoes and pents and started to fuck me slowly and gentle. We had an amazing view between the mountains with all the lights. We were bloody horny. He touched my breasts and fucked me a bit harder. I told him to pull a bit on my nipples. He said "wow this is amazing".