A Sexual Fantasy

— By zobeyj

I'm a man but when I masturbate, I imagine myself as a woman. I imagine my penis as a mega-clitoris, my scrotum as pussy lips and chest as big boobs. I imagine myself as an irresistible girl; whom the cute boy next door can't resist. He kisses me, gropes my boobs and licks my pussy... my wet pussy: with me having thoughts of it and the intermittent realization that I'm actually a man just using hands to squeeze my chest and rubbing my scrotum with fingers soaked in saliva to imitate the extremely wet pussy that I don't have. I imagine my neighbor boy licking my pussy and his well kept beard rubbing my thighs. I feel the pussy tight now (scrotum tight in reality) but then the reality and fantasy clash..... it's an IMPENETRABLE PUSSY. hah whats the use of it. But I still stimulate the mega-clitoris (penis actually) to the fullest: imagining the neighbor boy whom I've never talked in reality fucking me really hard getting all sweaty. My muscles are all taut up now I'm nearing climax. He cums inside me and starts to moan, I kiss him hard. I start to orgasm and feel the warmth and wetness of all the fluid thats gushing out.... thats my semen for a 'reality check' haha. With my breath and heartbeat getting back to normal post the 'orgasmic high' the vision of the neighbor boy starts to fade as well as the fantasy-hot-girl-me enters back the real world as a man whose just ejaculated all over his body. With the intimate memory of this man I may never touch in reality in my mind and the girlie myself gone I enter the shower to rinse myself clean.