Aurora Borealis

A Sexual Fantasy

— By 123Moondog

A dream trip for a lot of (young) people: A trip to Nordkapp in the far north of Scandinavia. We decided to do it, and for that purpose we bought an old VW camper van. Starting off from the Netherlands in August, we hoped to reach Nordkapp in the beginning of September, because the nights are getting longer in early autumn. The camper van was wonderful, we spent a lot of naughty nights in it! But our most erotic moments we were having was during the night after we finally reached Nordkapp! We were all set to finally view the famous Aurora Borealis! A small camp fire to warm us during that chilly night, an air mattress to lay comfortably on during the waiting, some warm blankets... To keep warm we started to cuddle up, soon followed by kissing, hugging, touching each other all over. Soon we both were naked, started making out fully... And while we were playing with each other, licking, sucking, exploring each others orifices, we suddenly stopped, and looked in awe towards the Northern skies! The Aurora Borealis! My girlfriend climbed on my lap, and straddled me with her back against my chest. Slowly she rode my cock, while we enjoyed this wonder of nature! We tenderly made love while the sky was illuminated all around us. When we finally reached orgasm the Aurora Borealis was at its peak. Will we ever reach an such intense moment again?