Auctioned Off by My Husband

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Sharkie

I confessed this to my husband once, but I didnt tell him the full fantasy I often picture in my mind.

I want to be blindfolded when he leads me out into the spacious room. When the door opened I initially heard numerous voices but as I walk out those deep voices stop & the whispering begins. I stand in the darkness turning my head trying to hear the whispers.
My husbands booming voice makes me jump. "Tonight you gentlemen have the unprecedented honor of purchasing this erotic woman for one evening of whatever you desire. During the auction you will have an opportunity to inspect, touch or even taste her." My pussy aches at the thought of being handed around to a group of strangers. To have them fondle me, force me to strip, stand exposed to their lusty stares & do unimaginable things with them for their own pleasure before being given to the highest bidder for a night.
For the next several hours I'm passed from man to man & each one is different with his touch. Some are rough & forceful others are tender & gently. Each one is only allowed 5 minutes to inspect me before I'm taken & given to another. The bidding continues during this time & often a loud voice nearby yells out an amount.

In the end my juices trickle down my thighs, my bare lips are red & swollen, my jaw aching from sucking them. This is the bit that my husband doesn't know...when the winner is announced....he forces me onto my hands & knees & takes me from behind in front of everyone, including my husband.