At last! Summer is Here!

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Basyl

Do you know the well-known phrase from GoT? Winter is coming, winter is here? Well, let's look at the opposite. Summer is coming, summer is here! Summer... Those month' of the year where you can walk around almost naked and can get away with it! I LOVE summer! My wife in flimsy summer dresses, no underwear, her hairy fanny cooled by a summer breeze! And the sex... Very sweaty sex in a heatwave, on an secluded spot in apark, on a roof terrace...

Imagine, just imagine! A rooftop terrace on mid-summer, the air is hot, it is just getting dark... A selected group of people, a BBQ, some wine, beer, some cocktails... And then, later, people start dropping their clothes one by one, and on instant the atmosphere gets erotic, a shiver of excitement goes through the group. People start touching each other, the group falls apart and comes together in different settings, genders mix, BG,GG,BB, every possible combination goes, no-one is afraid to show their sexual fetishes, all depravities are welcomed and tried without shame. And from the buildings surrounding this roof terrace, on- lookers get heated up too, making love to their partners in the ways shown in front of them.

Next morning, it all seemed a dream, but deep in their hearts all participants will cherish this one night during the heatwave. Summer is coming, Summer is here!