At home masseuse

A Sexual Fantasy

— By PartyGuy

I had a gnarly motorcycle accident when I was just 18. A car crossed traffic and collided with me even after attempting to avoid it. In my youth I recovered quite quickly, as a man in my 40’s I ache. I started doing clinical massage therapy weekly, noticing a vast improvement I continued to keep it up for over a few years. Further down the road I discovered that all the benefits I was receiving were vanishing shortly after I left from the traffic I would encounter on my way home. I made the decision to invite a therapist over and continue the treatment at home. It did take me awhile before finding someone who was able to tune in and offer some real help. Once I did the relief came with it. I was never formally invited to extra services, instead the boundaries began to blur. I first recall a higher thigh treatment. With obvious and intentional grazing happening it was like she was testing the water. I figured I would play dumb, which was the best I could handle it. I didn’t want to be too perverse in case it was an accident, but I also wanted to enjoy the contact. Things began to progress, the light cock stroking turned into ass rubbing and penetrating, and finally full oral release. We never discussed any sort of compensation it was strictly based on a connection and desire. I often consider that this is our relationship. We are in a space of trust and perhaps this was a fantasy we both wanted to live out, and there was nothing more to gain than the experience itself.