Art with a hint of lust

A Sexual Fantasy

— By XPosed

I'm an art model and I pose for various groups, but occasionally I'll pose for a single artist in a private setting. One time after I finished up posing for a group, this cute woman came up to me and asked if I did private gigs, I told her yes and she gave me her number so we could set up a date for the gig. When the day came, I was in her art studio disrobed and in a supine pose. I admit that she was attractive but I did not let my mind wander in an unprofessional direction. That was until midway into her drawing, she nervously confessed to me that she found me very sexually attractive. I didn't know what to say at first. I was stunned and I felt naked all of the sudden. I automatically thought that she hired to draw me so that she could see more of me and perhaps things could escalate between us. I stayed quiet and immobile, true to my professionalism... that is except for my penis which got an erection after I pondered about the situation. When the break came up, I got up to check her drawing and I took the opportunity to tell her that I appreciate her comment and that she was a very attractive woman. I asked her if she wanted to go out and get some food some day to get to know each other better, and she said yes, that would be great. Since then she hasn't reached out to me and has not responded to my calls or messages. I stopped insisting, and all that exists about us now is the fantasy of how things would have played out that day in the studio when she confessed. That and also her drawing of me with an erection that hopefully hangs in the wall of her room.