Arousing Photoshoot Part 1

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Nana_90

Sometimes when I have to take pictures of myself, wearing some clothes, even when it’s part of my job, I find it kind of hot. Standing in front of the camera, trying different poses, it’s like flirting with myself. That morning, when I was taking the last pictures, I realized that someone was spying on me. It was my neighbor across the street. It was a weird sensation, but somehow, it turned myself on, feeling his eyes on me was hot. He had cinnamon skin, thick wavy hair, and I think he was younger than me. I felt his penetrating gaze on me, he was hiding between the sheets. I wanted to provoke him, to force him out of his hiding place. There was only one thing I could do. First, I took off my cardigan and the pants I was wearing, I only kept my black lace bralette and my purple panties. I noticed that he put his head further out, obviously, he wanted to see better. Then I started to relax a little, I would roll my head around to relax my neck, and very gently caress my neck with my hands, click, click, I would take a few pictures with that pose. Then I slowly moved my hands down my small breasts, massaging them and squeezing them a little, even leaving them uncovered for a few seconds. Then I heard a thunderous sound, something had fallen in front of me, that accelerated my breathing a little, I turned and looked at him directly while he was trying to pick up the flowerpot. I approached the window and let him look at me clearly, I had an angry expression and he was a little scared at being discovered. I closed the window and he stood looking at me for a moment, not understanding anything. I went downstairs, which was my room. I opened the window and with a whistle I called out to him. He looked down and smiled. I stepped back and without taking my eyes off him, I started caressing myself again. He was absorbed in watching me squeezing my breasts and slowly moving down my waist and legs, and then one of my hands would reach down my panties and slowly caress my vulva. I could tell he was very aroused so I waved him over and signaled him to come. In less than five minutes, he was standing at my door. I greeted him with a white robe and a glass of wine, I took him by the hand and led him to the floor of my studio. When we entered he quickly grabbed me by the waist and hugged me, he started caressing my back and smelling my neck, we kissed and he tried to take off my robe, but I stopped him, I told him not so fast, he had to help me take some pictures first. I told him to stand behind the camera, I stood in front and took off my robe...