Anonymous love on the beach

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Neocortex

It was our first vacation since a long time and we spent a week at the north sea on a small East Frisian island. It was low season and less tourism at that time.

Me and my wife love to lay naked on the beach. Nothing but the sun, the wind and our skin. That's a feeling of freedom, and it's sexy too.
And as we were laying on our blanket in the warm sand and the wind gently caressed our bodies, we began to touch each other and the pure lust overcame us. My fingers slides over her hard nipples and the other hand felt the hot lust of her vagina. I licked it up and tasted her pure pleasure. And I could hear her breath getting faster and saw the blood pulsing strong in her neck.


I confess, I'm a bit shy, and I tried to cover my hard cock from the other couple that lay about 10 meters nearby us. But this wasn't necessary, because they apparently also got their own pleasure and they were touching each other the same way - with one eye on us.
After peeping a while, the other couple grabbed their blanket and came over to us. And without any word they lay beside us and after a short moment of confusion we went on with our action. And suddenly I felt the strange hand of the woman on my cock, sliding up and down, and I saw the man's hand on the breasts of my wife. And to my own surprise I didn't get jealous. In this moment of mutual agreement of anonymous love and uninhibited at all we had the best sex since long. Awesome!
Each couple for itself. And yet together. Without a word they left this scene of this unexpected hot incident and we never saw them again. What a pity! And again, nothing but the sun, the wind and...the warm feeling of some new paths to tread.