Anonymous exhibitionist at my fiance's hen do

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Joe

I have simple fantasy, but one I often return to. It is my fiance's hen do. She is partying with her friends. I arrive, and join the party - as the stripper. I wear a costume which includes a mask, so none of my fiance's friends know that it is me. My fiance knows it is me, but no one else does. So I strip in front of all my fiance's friends, without them knowing it is me. They watch me get naked, and they cheer me on. Then we take it to the next level. I go down on my fiance, and lick her and finger her, and she sucks my cock - with all of her friends watching. In some versions of the fantasy, others try to join in, but I explain that only the bride is allowed to touch. In other versions, there might be some additional audience participation. But, on either version, everyone gets to watch me cum.