A Sexual Fantasy

— By pleasures of a sun flower

After months postponing my boyfriend desire to try anal, he finally gave in. I started with an amazing dinner, a good wine and filling all his pleasures under the table. Not imagining the orgasms we would both have later...

Prepared my room floor for an ultimate relaxed atmosphere. Everything I did, was thinking as if it was with me. Firstly a body massage, oily, sensual with quite some teasing. After a well done penis massage, I started to rub my fingers in his ass. From there slowly getting there with a plug, while blowing him with the other hand. It felt so good to penetrate him. I could feel his pleasure from outside inside, in my hands. I began harder, deeper, faster, I just wanted to fuck him. As he SCREAMED. And orgasmed. He never vocalized in such way. He thanked me for one of the most amazing experience. We laughed, talked, and went for a shower together. I was so turned on by that, so when we came back to my room I couldn't stop myself but lay on him and ride him hard. The whole experience before was so sexy, that now I just wanted to fuck him. I rode him so hard that I reached orgasm by screaming so loud, like I never did before either. It was the longest orgasm ever. We were closer than ever. A pleasure of pure connection and desire.