An Encounter

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Geftosse

I sat alone at a table on the sunny terrace of a Parisian café, awaiting a cool beer after a busy morning’s work. As the waiter arrived with my drink I heard the sound of high heels on the pavement. I turned and saw an elegantly dressed woman taking her place at a nearby table. I took a long refreshing drink of my beer, and saw the woman sit down and cross her legs, briefly revealing stocking tops and suspenders. I gasped, took another drink, and read my newspaper, not wishing to stare. I looked up again when the waiter arrived to take the woman’s order, thinking that I could order another beer, but the woman caught my eye and smiled. Suddenly I recognised that she was the senior engineer who had given a power point presentation at the morning meeting. I smiled and nodded. Not wishing to invade her space, I went back to my newspaper, but she walked over to my table. “I enjoyed your presentation” I said. “Thank you” she replied. “I have something else to show you. Follow me”. I followed her to a private courtyard at the rear of the café. She led me to some stone steps, where she sat down. I stood in front of her, feeling puzzled. “Now” she said, suddenly sounding angry. “Kneel down”. I obeyed, whereupon she thrusted my head up her skirt. She held my face into her knickers and squeezed me between her thighs. I could hardly breathe but it was heaven. “Now, take off my knickers.” I guided them carefully over her high heels and gave them to her. “Now, get back down and lick me” I gladly obeyed the Goddess, and licked and fingered her to orgasm. “Thank you” she said gently. The anger had gone. “Please stand up and masturbate for me into these” She handed me her knickers. I wrapped the silky softness around my grateful penis and rubbed. I did not last long. I offered her the semen-soaked knickers, but she made me keep them “as a souvenir” “Bring them back clean next time”. “You can help me put these on. I should not go back to work with no knickers on”. So I revisited under her skirt. “And I must fly home this afternoon” I said. “I look forward to your next visit” she said, handing me her business card.