An Anonymous Liaison or Two

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Lolla Lee

I had to run to a business meeting and I forgot my mobile at my desk. When I came back to my desk, to my surprise, there was a message from an unknown number: I will make your wishes come true...
Next day, another message: Your new sex journey starts now! Meet me at the Hotel, room number 5, 2moro, 22h. I take a deep breath and answer Ok! I didn’t ask nothing. Who the hell is doing this? I was so excited! About 21:30 a new message: There is a mask, if you want me, use it, and never see me.

Ok! I pay the price, and wait there blind, hot and wet.
He came in, and without saying nothing, came close enough to smell me, and I heard his breath, I was fearless.
He touched me softly, my neck, my hair, my waist, we were dancing a slow song like a pas de deux and he started to kiss me slow, and let me wait for the next kiss, in agony, and than kiss me hard and deep, in a psychedelic rhythm making me feel like I was spinning and begging for his lips, over and over until I fall over the bed, he disappeared and left me there, wishing for more. I was recovering my breath when I received another message: same time 2moro.
I masturbated myself like crazy after this. I was too excited to be furious, it was really new for me, to lose control! Next day I was there again blind folded.
This time, he came in hard but undressed me slowly, holding my arms over my head, and then put me handcuffs. I was on my knees giving him oral sex until he pulled out, than he put me over the bed, face down and kissing all of me, biting my ass, oral sex, teasing me until I begged him to fuck me. I had a serious orgasm holding the bars of the bed! I couldn’t see his face, I didn't want to. But then we woke up the next day, and I saw his face. He left, without saying a word, just a smile, daring me. He was the only one I never suspected, the guy who looked me in the eyes and smiled, the sweetest person, my trainee 10 years younger. After a week we met again, in the same room, not seeing, in handcuffs, and he started to gently pinch and twitch my nipples, when suddenly, I feel some other mouth on my pussy...