A Sexual Fantasy

— By johnmacedo

We spend the whole day together, having fun at Amusement Park in the countryside of São Paulo, Brazil. By the end of the day, we were the first ones to get back to the bus which would drive us back to our hometown... I was behaving myself, until she asked me to close all the window curtains. After doing so we started to make out and it was really good, her kisses were intense and passionate like never were before, I couldn't hold myself anymore and took her blouse off and started to kiss her boobs. When I took her blouse off, she opened my pants, grabbed my dick and started a hand job. We were really enjoying that moment, it was amazing... When she went down to suck my dick, was delicious... Her mouth was as soft as velvet and she knew what she was doing! I just couldn't hold it anymore, I stood her up and put her pants down to her knees, and sat her on my dick! As she rode me, I could feel the pleasure she felt while doing that and that sensation was just amazing! When I was about to cum, a person entered the bus and came on our direction... She got shy and put her pants up and closed her jacket... All the way back to our home town I went on fingering her, and she was just in heaven during the whole trip.