alternative holidays

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Nexi

I've just turned 30, and together with my girlfriend and our joint female FWB, we go on holiday. But not just any holiday.

We've recently lost a wonderful game of strip- and submission poker to still another woman, a wonderfully beautiful curvy and busty Danish Dominatrix. The stakes, and other bits, ended up so high the three of us lose the game, becoming her sex slaves for a week of holiday in the sun.

So here we are, all three of us (my girlfriend, me, and our bestie WB) lying by the side of the hotel pool. All on our tummy, topless and wearing only the tiniest of thongs, our sunglasses and a thin neck band with the word "slut" on it. In addition, each of us also wears a butt plug, clearly showing the glass decoration of its base between our buttocks.

Behind us is a little card, with the note "Interested? call room #101". The line connects to our lovely blonde Dominatrix, who is sitting a bit further in her beautiful see-through white bikini. When called, she negotiates the rates at which we are made available as sex dolls for hotel guests or others passing by.

The rates are set based on our Dominatrix' appreciation of the men and women requesting to use us, and how many bodies and in which combination we will be used. A week isn't enough to explore all possibilities! Many times one of us sluts has to watch one or both of the other sluts being engaged in the most kinky acts imaginable, before or after participating ourselves.

In between the sex sessions, the Dominatrix sometimes gets so horny she uses us ourselves, just for good measure.

What a holiday.