Alone at the Library

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Lilly24

I am a student and also work the night shifts at the university's library on campus. It is close to the end of my shift and the last student is already packing his stuff to leave. To know that nobody is going to be here when my boyfriend comes to pick me up gets me very excited. We have been fantasizing about this a while now. He arrives and I welcome him with a long passionate kiss. He looks at me, kind of confused. I lean in and whisper in his ear "there is nobody here anymore". The grin on his face and the excitement in his eyes couldn't be any sexier. Not long after he lays me onto one of the desks, he pulls my panties down and my dress up and gets me nice and wet with his mouth. I too undo his belt, pull his pants down and get him rock hard. He picks me up and carries me between the bookshelves. I hold on to the shelf while he lifts me up and lowers me onto his hips. He slides inside me and we start fucking...