Afternoon Delight

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Ice cream lover

I've always been a fan of small towns located in Spain or Italy. Usually there is a town square, a small shop, butcher and an ice cream parlor. In this fantasy my boyfriend and I are on a camping trip. We just went to get some ice cream and are now walking back to the camp site. I'm wearing a light summer dress without any underwear. I have long curly hair that blows in the wind. My boyfriend can see glimpses of my bosom and my butt cheeks. We walk down the small city streets when he suddenly pushes me against a wall. He kisses me passionately and his fingers go up under my dress. Teasing me. Then, he continues the walk like nothing happened. The camp site is not far from the town, near the water. Surrounded by nature. We walk down to the water, still eating our ice cream. I sit down on the grass and spread my legs so he can enjoy the view. He goes down on his knees and uses the ice cream to caress my pussy. Then he goes down on me, licking the ice cream from my pussy. I take off my dress. He uses the rest of the ice cream all over my body, the cold ice cream makes my body tremble. We then go to the water where I wash myself. I go down on him, and then finally we fuck in and near the water.