After Work Hook Up

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Dem

One of my most memorable experiences was a very simple one, sex in a hotel room. My coworker was texting me all evening- teasing and taunting me. We had never been intimate together before but the idea was exciting. He told me that he would pay for a hotel room and come pick me up immediately if I would agree to give him a chance, and I did. I was nervous - I put on my best panties, and plenty of perfume. It was late at night - at least 2 am. He came to pick me up from my house and I snuck out without waking anyone up. We drove about 20 minutes to a hotel and the whole drive he was stroking my leg. It started at my knee and throughout the ride continued farther up my thigh. It was enough to excite me even more. He said a few gentle words, like how excited he was to be with me, and how I wouldn’t regret it. We arrived at the hotel and rushed to our room. He didn’t waste any time. The second the door was shut he grabbed my hand and pulled me against him, kissing me passionately. While kissing me he backed me up onto the bed and didn’t waste any time taking my shirt off. He was kissing all over my chest and my breasts, his hands running up and down my body. We were both in the zone. Flirting at work had created so much tension between us in the past, and finally giving in to each other was going to release all that tension. After some more making out he stood up and took off his pants - I was more than happy to go down on him. Staring up into his eyes, using my hands, deep throating; doing everything possible to pleasure him. After that there was no stopping him. He laid me down and got my pants off, kissing all over my thighs, then going straight to my clit. Licking and sucking while he fingered me. It was enough to push me closer and closer to the edge, before he finally fucked me. We started with me on my back, watching him. I could see us in the mirror too, which only made it more enjoyable. Then we moved to a new position - me on my hands and knees and him behind me. He was choking me, pulling my hair, kissing me, spitting in my mouth. It was all full of passion and excitement. And finally when he was ready to cum he pulled out and came into my mouth. Afterwards we laid naked in the hotel bed, and he held me. He stoked my hair and called me beautiful. We exchanged a few more kisses before both passing out. It was such a fast moving but intimate encounter and I don’t think I’ll ever forget it.