After Me, She Stopped Sleeping with Her Husband

A Sexual Fantasy

— By DandyUnderworld

I met a lady at a book release event; days later she invited me to over to share some poetry and we shared each other instead! I was in my 20's, she said she was 46 but I guessed she was older. Great body, fun woman. She used to call me at work everyday, it was hard to conceal my erections... We got together 4 or 5 times more. I've never had anal sex before and I haven't had it again since, so I that was my first time with her. She enjoyed it a lot, she came. She said that after meeting me, she stopped having sex with her husband. I was so happy to be the one that kept this very hot woman satisfied. We performed every position, she always was eager to please me, too: with oral sex, stroking me all over with her breasts, climbing on top and riding me... I hope she still remembers me and masturbates, thinking of her young toy boy.