Adventures in my father's car

A Sexual Fantasy

— By 123Moondog

Recently, I finally got my drivers license, and was allowed to use my fathers old VW Beetle. On the first drive in this old car, I drove to my boyfriends' house, and invited him for a ride... Soon, we were driving to a remote place and started to make out. I was wearing a very short summer dress, so he had easy access to my lower body cavities. He wore a T shirt and an boxer, in which his penis was easy accessible for me. After a few minutes, our clothes were in a heap, somewhere on the floor of the car, and I climbed on his lap, to ride his hard cock. As soon as I felt his cock inside me, I started riding it like a true cowgirl! After a few minutes, I felt a hard object pushing against my butthole...It was the black bakelite knob of the gearleaver, which I almost let penetrate me by accident! We changed position then, and he fucked me doggy style until he came in my wet pussy. But I still wonder, how would it feel? That black knob in my little butt? Maybe I'ĺl try next time...