Adidas 38

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Officer

I work as a crime scene investigator and one friday night in january I was called out to a house that was reported broken into. Before going out I dressed in my uniform and made sure the large camera I alwas used was fully charged.

When I arrived at the scene I was met by the owner of the house who was a sexy woman. She was wearing a tight shirt showing a lot of cleavage, a short skirt and high heeled shoes. A strange thing to wear if you are just waiting for the police to arrive and not a typical winter attire. She was hot and I wished I could lift the camera I held in my hand up and just shoot away.

She told me that someone had broken into her house and that she was afraid to go further into the house.

It was january and the snow was fresh. The first thing I looked for was shoeprints outside the house. In the fresh snow I found prints from one pair of adidas running shoes sized 38 leading to the house but nothing more. I took pictures of them before I continued to check the door that had no marks from anyone breaking in. I took a picture of the door as well.

I continued into the house and the owner followed me intimately close. When I stopped to take pictures of the interior I could feel her body against me and as long as she did not go in my way I did not mind. I found no evidence of someone breaking in.

Finally, in the bedroom I found something that looked like as if someone had searched for something. When I entered the room I immediately became aware of a pair of black leather handcuffs, a gag ball, a spanking paddle and a bindfold hanging behind the door. The brass bedposts were worn as if ropes had been tied around them and a pair of panties was lying on the floor. Had she left them there intentionally to let me know she was not wearing panties? I could feel a small shiver from her still standing close to me and I started to wonder if the whole thing was a setup. Now I also saw the red rope under the bed.

If it was the panties or her body I did not know but I could definetely smell a womans arousal. Maybe it was slowly running down the inside of her thighs? I would not mind licking it off. No, no, no. Now I had to focus on the job and leave the fantasies for later.

Outside the closet next to the bed clothes were all over the floor but it seemed rigged. It was as if the burglar just wanted to mess things up. I took some pictures and continued but now I was sure nothing that required the police's attention had happened. Still, as a professional courtesy I decided to complete my investigation.

In the closet I found a tool box containing different sized dildos, vibrators in a variety of colors, a stainless steel buttplug and large bottle of lubricant. Yet again she was standing very close to me and I felt what I think was a light stroke over my butt when I bent over to photograph what only prooved that she had fun in and outside the bed. I could have given her a spanking and bent her over to see if she had misbehaved and left her panties on the floor but I decided to keep that idea to myself. It was time to leave and I turned around just to see her measure my whole body and bite her lips. Was it the uniform she liked or was I just imagining things? I didn't know but my investigation was over and I was ready to leave and packed the camera down in my bag.

Someone needed to be punished for calling me out on a made up crime scene on a friday night. When I on my way out saw the adidas running shoes with wet soles marked 38 lying on the floor I know who to punish. I locked the door and when I turned around with a pair of handcuffs in my hand she had a devilish look in her eyes. She was adidas 38 and it was about time she paid for her crimes.