A Sexual Fantasy

— By Victoria Ponce

I have this pain, I have this pain.
What does it feel like?
Like itching and burning and a thin needle penetrating my vulva.
Should I stop?
Please don't. It's only when you are in me and I feel your cum dripping down my leg that I can feel peaceful and my vagina feels like it just ate. I hate it when it's starving, unnoticed and sad. Please thrust, please thrust. If you could also pinch my nipples... harder please, you wont hurt me more than I want you to. If you could stay hard as I contract my pelvic muscles. Promise me you wont cum just yet. I do want you to pour yourself in me but not just yet. First I want to squeeze you and make you question everything... and go back and forth and back and forth. I love you babe, forgive me but I do... and your bare black back and your sweet tart taste and the strength of your embrace.
Don't pull out, just stay inside... and make me a happy woman.
If you talk to me with your dark deep voice
I'll forever remember your careless poise
Strong and big on top of me
And as magnificent as you will ever be
I'd just wish
I'd still have you between my cheeks