A Tango and Tangle

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Lucid dreams

Piazzolla’s Oblivion is playing but we’re the only ones dancing. All eyes are on us as we dance an Argentine tango, sensuous like the music, tension building between us with each step, in line with the rising crescendo of the music. We undress each other with our eyes, and I’m sure everyone watching us can feel the electricity. The song ends, and people politely clap and return to their dinners. We walk off towards the bar but instead slip away to the restrooms, where finally, we allow the electric charge between us to explode. He takes me up against a stall wall. We may have danced as if we were making love, but here it is raw and primal and we both come quickly and hard. After we straighten ourselves up we return to our respective dinner parties, complete strangers once more.