A Simple Fantasy

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Yamato

I've had this fantasy of a game character but it's leaked into my real life more than I like to admit. He's an older man in his 40's and I'm in my mid 20's, I've had sexual relationships before but nothing like this. I make the first move as he's hesitant at first, but takes full control as he keeps me pinned down beneath him. He's touch starved and rough, fingers expertly playing with my pussy as he eats me out painfully slow, making me beg for him to let me finish but stopping every time I'm close to cumming. He throws me onto his desk and holds me down by my head as he fucks me from behind, praising me on how well I take him as he sets a brutal pace. In the end I'm always a fucking mess, brains completely fucked out of me and begging for him to not stop.